About Us

Alberta LED Lights was founded in 2014 with the purpose of producing affordable, effective, commercial grade LED lighting to the Canadian market. We design and manufacture LED lighting and customize lighting solutions for each of our customers. We also provide retrofit and installations services across the country and links to Government Energy Savings Programs both federally and provincially.

Our mission is to continue to provide leadership in Canada in the production of quality, CSA approved LED lighting that will meet the demand for environmentally friendly and cost effective lighting solutions. As energy costs continue to escalate, Alberta LED Lights plans to be on the forefront of energy saving solutions.

The Alberta LED Lights Canadian team values reducing carbon emissions in our country and the greater world and strives to continue to advocate for energy rebate programs that will assist individuals and businesses in being able to afford to implementing energy efficient lighting solutions.

Alberta LED Lights is working with companies on the international stage to ensure our products continue to be of the highest quality and maintain our leadership in the Canadian market.

Our ultimate goal and commitment to our Customers at Alberta LED Lights is to:

  • Help you reduce your power bill and your associated lighting costs
  • Retrofit your bulbs eliminating the need to change your lighting fixtures
  • Extend your bulb life to greater than 10 years
  • Reduce your maintenance costs by eliminating the need to replace bulbs and ballasts
  • Help you take advantage of government rebate programs which are now available